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About us

Manage your health with fast access to experts and unhurried appointments in a supportive setting.

Oxona was born out of a need identified by both GPs and patients. Our fundamental belief? That patients deserve freedom of choice when it comes to their own healthcare.

Our services bridge the gap between traditional GPs and consultant-led care. We bring that quality expertise with fair, transparent pricing.

Based in Oxfordshire, with understanding and experienced teams across our dermatology and women’s health clinics, our purpose is to deliver superb care and empower you when it comes to your own wellbeing.

We believe that nobody should suffer from pain, discomfort or embarrassment. Specialising in dermatology, primary care gynaecology, menopause, perimenopause and female contraception, our clinicians are here to address any problem – big or small. And we don’t deliver one-size-fits-all treatments: our approach is tailored to you as an individual, based on your unique circumstances and your decisions.

There’s nothing you can’t talk to us about, and you’ll always be taken seriously. Take control of your health management with Oxona, helping you find the right path for you.

Burford women's health appointments available. Phone for availability.

New clinic opening in Reading: July 2024